Leicestershire Folk Diary
The Diary has two main sections; Events containing a day-to-day listing of "what's on" and a Directory with an A to Z listing of the event organisers and venues. It is compiled using information supplied by event organisers. Whilst every effort is made to ensure its accuracy, it is not guaranteed. No responsibility will be accepted for errors, omissions or cancellations. If you want to be sure of an event contact the event organiser for confirmation. If you are an organiser and you would like to add an event to the diary please get in touch with us via the contact details below. Similarly, if you spot an error, please let us know and we will look into the matter.

This diary can be freely copied and distributed.

The Leicestershire Folk Diary is sponsored by the Grand Union Folk Club.
25thGroby Village HallPete Morton8:00pm
30thWhite Horse Folk Seagrave singaround8:00pm
1st - 3rdDerby Folk FestivalSee the Derby Folk Festival website for details 
3rdThurnby & Bushby Acoustic ClubLyn Cooper7:30pm
4thGrand Union Traditional Music SessionOpen music session8:00pm
6thNottingham Lakeside ArtsKathryn Tickell & The Darkening7:30pm
8thBingham Folk ClubFolklaw8:30pm
11thGrand Union Folk ClubSingaround8:00pm
 New Inn Singaround8:00pm
12thTigerfolk Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham7:30pm
14thY Theatre Steeleye Span7:30pm
15thThird Friday TunesTune session8:30pm
17thPoppy Folk Club Ben Robertson& Phoebe Rees7:30pm
20thNottingham Lakeside ArtsLe Vent Du Nord7:30pm
22ndBingham Folk ClubSinger Night with PA8:30pm
22nd - 24thL2F Lichfield Festival of FolkSee the L2F Lichfield Festival website for details 
25thGrand Union Folk ClubGuest Night (TBA)8:00pm
28thWhite Horse Folk Seagrave singaround8:00pm
31stDe Montfort Hall Riverdance7:30pm
1stDe Montfort Hall Riverdance2:30pm
 De Montfort Hall Riverdance7:30pm
 Grand Union Traditional Music SessionOpen music session8:00pm
2ndDe Montfort Hall Riverdance7:30pm
4thTigerfolk Barbara Dymock & Chris Marra7:30pm
6thDe Montfort Hall Fisherman's Friends7:30pm
7thThurnby & Bushby Acoustic ClubReynard Collective7:30pm
8thGrand Union Folk ClubSingaround8:00pm
 New Inn Singaround8:00pm
12thBingham Folk ClubAnthony John Clarke& Dave Pegg8:30pm
19thThird Friday TunesTune session8:30pm
20thVillage FolkChris Leslie8:00pm
21stPoppy Folk Club Song & music singaround night7:30pm
22ndGrand Union Folk ClubDaoiri Farrell8:00pm
24thNottingham Lakeside ArtsOmar Sosa & Seckou Keita with Gustavo Ovalles7:30pm
25th - 29thBirmingham TradFestBirmingham TradFest 2021 - CANCELLED 
25thWhite Horse Folk Seagrave singaround8:00pm
26thBingham Folk ClubSingers Night8:30pm
5thThurnby & Bushby Acoustic ClubTBC: Bob Fox 7:30pm
6thGrand Union Traditional Music SessionOpen music session8:00pm
10thBingham Folk ClubClub Christmas Party8:30pm
12thPoppy Folk Club Doug Eunson & Sarah Mathews7:30pm
13thGrand Union Folk ClubChristmas Special with  Jess & Richard Arrowsmith8:00pm
 New Inn Singaround8:00pm
14thTigerfolk Carolling and Crumpets John Kirkpatrick7:30pm
16thWhite Horse Folk Seagrave singaround8:00pm
17thThird Friday TunesTune session8:30pm
19thTheatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall Kate Rusby7:30pm
20thGrand Union Folk ClubGrand Union's Annual Evening of Carols and Seasonal Songs8:00pm
9thThurnby & Bushby Acoustic ClubBrian Reed7:30pm
14th - 16thWhittlesea Straw Bear FestivalSee the Straw Bear website for details 
6thThurnby & Bushby Acoustic ClubJohn & Stephanie Goodacre7:30pm
3rdTheatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall Fishermans Friends7:30pm
6thThurnby & Bushby Acoustic ClubYvonne Bloor7:30pm
13thLoughborough Town Hall The Fureys7:30pm
11thY Theatre The Oysterband7:30pm
21st - 24thWarwick Folk Festival See the Warwick Festival website for details 
7th - 9thBanbury Folk and Hobby Horse FestivalSee the Banbury Festival website for details